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For a long while now I have reading about how others deal with stress. And recently I have been talking to a friend who is stressed the whole time and even wakes up stressed.

Stress is an incredibly personal thing...what will stress me is inconsequenetial to others and similarly the methods we try to relieve it. My wife plays a bursting bubbles playstation game and that really calms her down whereas I would be bored of it in minutes !

I go for a walk on my own and tell it to the trees and that always helps me.....I'm sure many of you would consider that weird behavior, but it works for me !

My other stress outlet is music. Playing those tracks that hit the spot, give me goosebumps and touch my soul and help put everything into perspective and refocus my mind to deal with the problems life throws at me.

For us that have awakened to the realities of this world, it comes with a heavy burden and responsibility and often it's the awakened ones that suffer the most stress, when they see the chemtrails in the sky, know what's added to the water and food supplies and just can't understand why everyone else can't see it ! Sound familiar !?

I want to use this discussion as a reference for us all to compare how we deal with stress and learn how to detach from it and so go through the day happy and balanced.


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For me, I have multiple ways for dealing with stress.  One is not to jump into the future with what if scenarios, but to will myself to stay in the present, and remind myself right now in this moment I am OK.  Herbs for the nerves, such as valerian, passion flower, skullcap, Chinese herbs.  This site and all the wonderful friends I have made here has been a great stress reliever for me, as it is fun and takes my mind off stressful stuff.  My favorite shows(I don't watch commercial TV...that would cause stress!).  Listening to my favorite music.  Doing puzzles.  Chocolate!  And last but not least my wonderful husband reassuring me everyday that we will be fine.  Great idea, Christopher!  Thank you for posting!  Love and Joy...Cindy

Cindy......OV has been a great outlet for me as well. It's most gratifying to know there are many others like us out there, all round the world !

It makes coping so much easier!

I put on weight too easily and have to be careful with chocolate !

Hi Cindy, I can associate with your thoughts. What I wanted to ask you if you have a technique to will yourself to stay in the present. Sometimes I find this difficult. The blissful moment lasts for a few minutes, but than the future comes back, especially when it gets trigered by an event. Love and 3500Hz...Linda

I go for a walk in the woods, connect with trees and the whole atmosphere. That calms me down immediately. Writing also helps me put my stress in perspective as well as lots of deep belly breaths. I've just started doing some sound therapy and I'm amazed what a prolonged 'Ahm' does for me. Finally the support of kind people and a natural smile lifts my soul. Thanks for posting this Chris.

Seems we are much like Astraldreamer !

Walking in the woods really lets the stress ooze from me and writing is a great way to allow unexpressed emotions ans stress come out.

I too am trying a form of sound therapy which is frequencies based on your voice answering a set of questions.

And yes, always great to talk with like minded people.....and avoid all the rest !

I write a Reiki prayer asking for the state I desire to be in then I read it aloud until my stress level drops.  This helps, especially when I am at work.  At home, I hold our daughter or pet the dog and cats.  I find interacting with children and animals to be an effortless way to release stress and be brought back to the moment.

Would you mind to give an example of the prayer that helps in a work situation. Does it have to be a special kind of dog to be able to relax? I got a nice puppy a few months ago, but so far all I have with her is stress. Can it be that I got the wrong breed or I am just not good with animals?

Hi Linda, years of doing Reiki on animals has taught me that an animal will feel stress from the people around them, if you are stressed the dog will be stressed as well. You could learn many ways to release stress.. deep belly breathing done three times in a row will triger the brain to calm down and release stress. Yoga, meditation ,color therapy (where green or pink ) these are calming.  Love and light

I cope with stress when I really fall into (what is very seldom) by going out to nature, preferably to the river we have near and walk along it for an hour. It always helps. It feels to me like the river would get the stress I feel out of my BEING.

Thank you dear Chris~ an interesting discussion indeed.


Yes, STRESS KILLS, as I have been claiming for decades. Why do we have stress? I will say what i believe as I have for so long. Do people listen? They do not any more than why humans have such STRESS! I claim that humans have stress because it is self imposed and a result of the human AVOIDANCE from the beginning) to accept RESPONSIBILITY  for their thoughts, words and deeds  by blaming it on someone else, something else (over which one has no control), or ANY excuse. We live in a fantasy world so we could learn through A DUALITY  EXPERIENCE to be the kind of human we were mean to be. Just as "pain" alerts one that there is a malfunction happening in ones body, so does STRESS alert one to the fact they are AVOIDING the lesson presented. RULE 4 of The Rules For Being Human (from an ancient Sankscrit source states: "A lesson is repeated until it is learned (a lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it, then you can go on to the next lesson)". There are 9 RULES which I posted here a day or so ago. Now, Rule 9 say" THE ANSWERS LIE INSIDE YOU (The answer to life's questions lie inside you. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LOOK, LISTEN AND TRUST." I can tell you from personal experience if you heed rule 9, you will find the correct answer and there will be no need for "stress" which comes from "FEAR". You are a sovereign Being - act like it! 

Here you go... don't skip over this one. This man is incredibly wise ;) Understanding sometimes helps bring will to action. Though i like many others are still trying to find ways to cope. This helped me at least understand some of the things we are dealing with.

The Power of Release (#10 webcam)

#34 -- What is negativity?

#38 -- How to trust 'I AM'!

#35 -- The Secret of Peace

Thank you Ryan for your kind words - I am still LEARNING! Coping is making a choices. If you want to LEARN, then accept and follow RULE 9 OF RULES FOR BEING HUMAN! 


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