Shattering The Matrix

We Sleep No More!

This is a great new documentary, featuring experts such as Dr. William Tiller, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Physicist Claude Swanson, and a whole host of other scientists discussing consciousness, the bio-energetic field, and the very nature of reality.

Has there been a cover up in leading scientific universities regarding the POWER of the human consciousness, and its effect on the very nature of reality itself? If so, why would people want to keep such world-changing information secret?

Is the information contained within this series some of what they discovered? Is this perhaps where we are headed quite soon, and what many of us sense is the coming evolution in human consciousness and abilities? Things such as telepathy? Clairvoyance? Instant healing? Re-programming our DNA?

You're going to want to get your popcorn out for this one people---This is one HIGHLY interesting and entertaining series...I hope everyone gets a chance to view it.

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very nice for sharing , good information , it is ofcourse awakening self ,,, yes there is more to learn ,,,,
thanks again

Thank You very much for this videos!!!!
Love and Light Maria
Thanks for that one Chris
Thank you so much for posting these videos all together. It is good to have such a coherent explanation of all these ideas. It serves to strengthen my beliefs and make me feel more empowered. Most grateful for that. :0)
Thank you for this information, the power of love is healing!

Love & Joy!
It is a Shame I didn't get a chance to see it as it has been removed by the users! Wonder who forced him to do that??

Charles Magus.


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