Shattering The Matrix

We Sleep No More!

In this seminar, Mark explains how the "New" Age Movement is a Religion that has been purposefully designed to stifle Right Action by manipulating people into believing that we change our reality by thought and emotion alone.

During the course of the seminar, Mark breaks down 15 "feel-good," pseudo-spiritual "New" Age Deceptions which masquerade as spiritual teachings. After each deception is exposed, Mark balances each deception with a Correction which espouses a street-wise approach to true Spiritual Wisdom.

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Purveyors of New Age Exceptionalism
Oblivious to the Realities on the Ground

OMG, Doreen, what a fabulous link....Thank You.

Mark Passio is great. I've learned a lot from him, just found out about him a few months ago. I like his blunt approach to truthfullness :) - thanks for posting

I  once heard Mark speak in an interview and liked what I heard. Thanks for sharing these videos, I'm now going to watch the ones on Natural Law!

I am a fan of Mark's too!

He gives this truth free  He is really helping people as Spiritual teachers should instead of thinking  about dollars they can make. I Salute Mark Passio.       Thanks for sharing AuroRa

I agree Angel Irene Crim,

We donate what we can when we can to those who bring TRUTH information forward in formats that we can gain from. Without the internet, books, multi media materials and these selfless beings, (like Mark & many others), who have done what they could for the benefit of ALL, with what little financial resources they may or may not have had, we would not have easily found out by ourselves the extent of our unconsciousness.

Having said that I have not been pleased to be stunted in my quest for knowledge, by the occult knowledge that is being sold for fiat currency in amounts that are out of reach for most average people who are seeking and purchasing these materials. I have paid for and gotten a liberal arts education based upon my determination to find the Truth, the whole Truth no matter where it took me except for one important intention I have had for many years,  I was willing to go through the mud as long as I got to the True Freedom that the saying "The Truth Will Set You Free!" promises.

The most frustrating, harmful part of my process has been in being duped out of fiat currencies and more importantly psychological, emotional well being by those who think they have a Right to produce invaluable - limited information on the subject that was marketed to manipulate and deceive the fiat currency from us with obviously no concern of the harm caused to the living beings they are duping.

The great part is that there are those who are like Mark and all of us , who are doing what they are to raise our consciousness for the benefit of us ALL!

Thank You Each And Every ONE!

He gives this truth free and most people that can help us always have a charge for it . I Salute Mark Passio and thanks AuroRa for sharing

All I can think to say at this time, is AMEN!

Thanks Nancy if I could help with Spiritual knowledge and sometimes I've had a teet to share with others,it will be free just like helping the sick, doing for the disabled, and giving  items to help others. Help should be from the heart WITHOUT A PRICE TAG  no matter which category it may be in.  


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