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In a landmark study of the Earth's magnetic field, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced that magnetic north is rapidly moving to Siberia and will make landfall by 2019. With its study released on June 20, 2014, the ESA included mapping of satellite failures in periods of low magnetics. The human heart and brain function with electric-magnetic principles, and changes in Earth's magnetic field and core affect vital functions of everyday life. Changes in planetary magnetics that the ESA found, including magnetic north's destination in Siberia, had been long predicted with a crop circle at Kennewick, Washington formed in 1993. Rapid movement of magnetic north accompanies a steady stream of equipment and computer failures, collapsing coastlines, hills and sinkholes, shifting of Earth's surface and tectonics. These events have accelerated with changes in the Sun’s weakening magnetic field and the lowest solar maximum in nearly 200 years in 2014. 

Magnetic Movement Mapped in Kennewick Crop Circle


After moving at a relative steady pace for more than a century, magnetic north's movement accelerated rapidly within one year after a crop circle at Kennewick, Washington pointed to magnetic north, polar north and Siberia in 1993. Escalating from nine to forty kilometers per year, magnetic north has steadily moved towards Siberia since 1994.

New scientific wisdom gained in 2012 hints that magnetic flux precedes earthquakes, and scientists are testing the theory in 2013. Static electric build-up that precedes earthquakes results in magnetic flux before quakes. Magnetism is a prime force of nature that science borrows for its own uses but has never fully explained. It is the attractive force that pulls and holds together the materials of life. The ancient Greeks, Indians, and Chinese had all written about magnetic properties, including its uses for surgery, by the 4th century BCE, circa 2,500 years ago. The central avenue of the pyramids at Teotihuacan built in 200 BCE was oriented 15.25° east of north and ancient locale of magnetic north. The avenue of the Kennewick crop circle was oriented to polar north with markers for both magnetic north in 1993 and new magnetic north in Siberia.

Still emerging sciences will eventually explain the most basic origins of magnetism, but it is not necessary to know a lot about physics to observe magnetism in everyday life. Ancient civilization observed magnetism and memorialized it in terms of their unique symbolic systems. Similarities in symbols of ancient cultures worldwide suggest that global communication once existed, possibly among ancient mariners, that was lost in the modern world. Magnificent engineering of ancient pyramids that modern engineering still cannot replicate indicates the ancients understood the same primary forces the the moderns do, but utilized them differently than the modern world does. By virtue of their symbolism and engineering, magnetism appears to have been important in ancient technologies.

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Hi spiritual buddy, yes great you we are connecting again , much water under the bridge.
Been progressively down deepest darkest rabbit holes, yet at some considerable speed
and not been too wobbled.
The joining of the dots, the pieces given me decades ago ,
give me confidence Higher Mind preplanned Solutions.
Once identified, the problems (demon) named, the nature of the beast known
solutions can be sought and seem to then flow.
(Interesting correlations with Quatermass stories)

Discernment is increasing challenge re layers of reality games.
No quick fixes from outside
All comes back to good old fashioned spiritual work on (higher) self (connection)
Cultivating the Virtues Vibrations
Clearing clutter so spiritual intuition can flow.

Am posting some subjects recently and soon
You probably already know them
I been catching up on subjects fast
Past training been invaluable asset.
Found myself going against the belief tide of latest 'Wave'
Then my feelings get corroborated, as seems to be usual in my flow.

Found some excellent books and found a small number of the most trustworthy researchers
Harald science and esoteric and Cara education and control both solution oriented and deeply intuitive
lily earthling seems to work similar to my tuning in via staff Good Ol Baba Ram Das has stood the tests of time.

Wobbling?  Earth turning in her grave, so to speak!

I have a hunch that the flat earth theorising is a reflection of attempts to subvert space-time, reshaping it and therefore reality and our connections to Earth, in order to further distance humanity and Terra from their divinity. Or are early attestations to flying on the back of a turtle to be taken literally?

That would be good, re the Math of God in full swing.  It may be able to dislodge the illuminati mathematical system of deception.

Incidentally, a groovy animation immersion experience (movie):

Lotuslakedawn, Thank you for reporting elder's information.  I also traced the changes of sun tracking across sky and if memory serves correctly, the shift occurred sometime shortly after August 2008, definitely not before.  Nobody here wants to acknowledge this or the implications for weather changes, but how can it be otherwise?  How few people seem to have observed this change, let alone are willing to entertain the possibility of it, simply because it is incomprehensible to them since if it has not been media-reported, therefore it cannot be real.  Oh my.


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