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In a landmark study of the Earth's magnetic field, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced that magnetic north is rapidly moving to Siberia and will make landfall by 2019. With its study released on June 20, 2014, the ESA included mapping of satellite failures in periods of low magnetics. The human heart and brain function with electric-magnetic principles, and changes in Earth's magnetic field and core affect vital functions of everyday life. Changes in planetary magnetics that the ESA found, including magnetic north's destination in Siberia, had been long predicted with a crop circle at Kennewick, Washington formed in 1993. Rapid movement of magnetic north accompanies a steady stream of equipment and computer failures, collapsing coastlines, hills and sinkholes, shifting of Earth's surface and tectonics. These events have accelerated with changes in the Sun’s weakening magnetic field and the lowest solar maximum in nearly 200 years in 2014. 

Magnetic Movement Mapped in Kennewick Crop Circle


After moving at a relative steady pace for more than a century, magnetic north's movement accelerated rapidly within one year after a crop circle at Kennewick, Washington pointed to magnetic north, polar north and Siberia in 1993. Escalating from nine to forty kilometers per year, magnetic north has steadily moved towards Siberia since 1994.

New scientific wisdom gained in 2012 hints that magnetic flux precedes earthquakes, and scientists are testing the theory in 2013. Static electric build-up that precedes earthquakes results in magnetic flux before quakes. Magnetism is a prime force of nature that science borrows for its own uses but has never fully explained. It is the attractive force that pulls and holds together the materials of life. The ancient Greeks, Indians, and Chinese had all written about magnetic properties, including its uses for surgery, by the 4th century BCE, circa 2,500 years ago. The central avenue of the pyramids at Teotihuacan built in 200 BCE was oriented 15.25° east of north and ancient locale of magnetic north. The avenue of the Kennewick crop circle was oriented to polar north with markers for both magnetic north in 1993 and new magnetic north in Siberia.

Still emerging sciences will eventually explain the most basic origins of magnetism, but it is not necessary to know a lot about physics to observe magnetism in everyday life. Ancient civilization observed magnetism and memorialized it in terms of their unique symbolic systems. Similarities in symbols of ancient cultures worldwide suggest that global communication once existed, possibly among ancient mariners, that was lost in the modern world. Magnificent engineering of ancient pyramids that modern engineering still cannot replicate indicates the ancients understood the same primary forces the the moderns do, but utilized them differently than the modern world does. By virtue of their symbolism and engineering, magnetism appears to have been important in ancient technologies.

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Great Post Krsanna. I have been looking at the magnetic weaking of the earth for about 3 or 4 years now, and the dynamic is occuring in ways that where not yet accounted for.

Example: since the earth itself is not tilting towards Siberia, only the magnetics of earth is shifting towards Siberia.

This seems to leave some concern about the influences of our techtonic plates also moving. The other unknown might be the theory of The Inner Earth concept which might also be affected by the weakening of earths magnetics.

Scientifically, you are absolutely correct as long as we are looking at earth as a magma centered core.

However, if The Inner Earth concept is taken into consideration, the scientific math of this event might need to be looked at from a totally different point of view.

This is just my little 2 cents of observation. Your scientific information is far more exact than my day dreaming conceptual thought about it.

So for now, I am going to go with your scientific premise because of how well you presented it.

This is what happens when I have to many theories compiled on top of each other and I try to decipher what the entire answer might be.

Only Admiral Bird and explorers of his calipher know for sure.

In the event I get a chance to go down into the big hole at the top of the North Pole, then I will be able to make more connections of what is, or what is not.

So for now, I am with you Krsanna.

By the way, the math in your post is extremely well done.




It's nice to see you've given these topics some thought.  A great paper on crustal and tectonic torque was published in Nature journal in 2012, and I discuss it and give a link to the paper at this link:

As far as the puzzle of the hollow earth goes, I think a model of harmonic energy explains a lot.  I draw on observations of UFO contacts for this idea.  Apparencies of solidity of the physical world are based entirely on the range of brain function in Homo sapiens' present evolution.  We think the world is solid because of the limited range of visible light of present brain function.  But several things can change this perception entirely:

1.  Seeing UFOs and ET's dance in and out of our range of visible light.  They are not limited to the same range of function as the present human brain.

2.  Activating a wide range of perception with the pineal, which activates chakra and subtle body function.

3.  ETs walking through walls sounds fantastical, but once you realize they literally function at a higher frequency than humans presently do, it makes sense. 

Once you talk and listen to UFO experiencer after experiencer describe what happens in UFO contacts and get familiar with the concepts, things fit together differently.  

As a species, human chakra (energy) systems are active to about the 3rd chakra (3rd energy body) at present.  This is as a species.  Other species have a different range of active energy, as does the Earth.

With this in view, then parallel worlds makes a lot of sense.  I suggest that the inner earth is inhabited, but in a different energy range than the majority of Homo sapiens presently experiences.

It's a thought.

And a fine thought it is little woman. I see that you quantatize and break down as much reference information and scientific (this world) facts.

I like the way that you think Krsanna. Right now, I need something for a migraine headache.

This much thinking gets me all worked up on this present plain. All joking aside though, my mind works exactly like a giant earth moving machine trying to move 10 tons of thoughts all at one time.

Whenever I read or try to decipher anything, my brain goes into hyperspace speed as I attempt to break it all down.

I go from chakra to 5 senses to warp speed in terra seconds. Your post definately challenges my mind, and that is exactly what I want when I read anything on OV.

This post had me making a right turn at the cross roads of Galaxie, Solar System and Black Hole Avenues. Your talent to challenge is at the very top of your posting game, and I like it.

Making us think is a kick ass way of waking me up by presenting something interesting enough to ponder.

You have got what it takes when it comes to keeping your post interesting Krsanna.

Keep it coming, and I will always be thrilled to respond.

In all honesty, these post are some of the best I have read in a while.

Thanks for all of your hard work.

Knowledge is power, and breaking things mentally down is food for the mind.

I love a good raging headache because my mind has not been challenged for a while now.

Headaches are proof of how much of our gray matter we may not be using.

Thanks for the brain pump. I have muscles and excercise veins popping out of my head right now.

I am making a smoothie with enough brain food to go with your special sandwich of a post.

Love to read your post in this dimension or another. I have also noticed that its fun to think in quantum fractals about most things, because it never ends.

Teach us what you know.

Great post Krsanna.

Yeah !!!!!!!

The concepts are a lot simpler than I make them sound.  A lot of what I want to convey is predicated on two main reference points:

1.  Resonance and morphic resonance by Rupert Sheldrake.  He offers some great information on his website:

2.  Seminal research by Harvard psychiatrist John Mack, which ultimately reaches into the nature of reality in tangible terms.  Mack started his research as a standardized Western scientist curious about UFO experiencers and worked with them quietly to see what he could see.  After several years he told his wife that he didn't know what was really happening with UFO experiencers, but he had worked with mental illness all his life.  UFO experiencers as a group are NOT mentally ill.  Then Mack's research got serious, and, before all was said and done, Harvard had launched a witch hunt of religious proportions to take away his tenure and destroy his professional credibility.  

After a five-year battle, John Mack won and continued his history-making research.  He said, basically, that if you talk to a single isolated experiencer it's hard to make heads or tails of their accounts.  But if you put 100 experiencers together in a room (who may not know each other) their accounts are consistent.  

In the end, his work with UFO experiencers changed John Mack's view of the world and how it works.  He died in an accident in 2004, and a movie is being made about his life.  

He did not explain his observations of reality consensus that large groups of UFO experiencers, each with stories that sound bizarre to the mainstream, generate as resonance.  But that's what it is.  I recognize it because I'm familiar with Sheldrake's work.  Resonance is a powerful force in the way the world around us performs and consensus reality of what it's all about.  

I was reminded of the power of resonance recently when talking to a UFO experiencer about her story.  Collectively, UFO experiencers probably have the most interesting medical history on the Earth, and I was soon listening to accounts of her experiences in astonishment.  The most important thing about this tale is that she has medical evidence that the doctors cannot explain.  One doctor said he believed her because there was no way anybody could fake the intricate and precise medical work done on her.  

Mainstream investigators listen to UFO experiencers' stories and attempt to understand them from the mainstream viewpoint, and it doesn't work because they do not have the necessary resonance with the phenomona.  Activating DNA and perception in UFO experiencers is one of the main, if not the main, focal point that continually emerges in UFO contacts.  

When more people are resonant with what looks like high strangeness in UFO experiencers, the mainstream perception of our world will change.  This includes perception of how the world is put together and works.  I could give example after example, but that would take a long time.  One simple for instance, though, is that the ancient Greeks invented steam engines just like the ones that used in railroad trains to connect the USA from coast to coast in the nineteenth century.  The Greeks could have put wheels on their steam engines and made trains, but they didn't do that.  Why?  Instead, they made automatic temple doors and dispensers for holy water.  

The Greek perception and preference for automatic temple doors over trains on wheels is explained by resonance and conditions of the day.  This is, admittedly, the softest explanation that one can give to explain scientific perception.  But, the facts exist to support it.  

This is one reason why the notion of "One Vibration" is important, even if it is not absolute in all details.  It goes a long ways towards resonance.


" This includes perception of how the world is put together and works "

We could talk for weeks and months without me ever getting tired of hearing what you have to say Krsanna. Your mind is exclusive brilliance rarely heard or unfolding thoughts endlessly.

I have studied the perception and unwinding of understanding " Reality "

As it stands, by luck or purely by accident, my experiments and or the manipulating of it, has exacted some amazing results purely by accident.

If my research is even close to what I may have unfolded, our reality is not only navigatable, but can be changed and created into exactly what we want it to be.

As Karl Pribrim suggested and proved in his research about particles is true, I took a piggy back ride on his theory about particles and found that our reality is completely negotiable and can be directed and steered in the direction we want it to go.

Carl Jung was absolutely correct in how he explained how the human mind works also.

If you want to know more about how our reality really works, let me know, and I will do my best to explain to you how reality can be manipulated any way that you want it to be.

I know what I am saying sounds impossible, but I think we are of equal mind set, and you are more than intelligent enough to understand what I am actually saying.

Sorry if I digressed. Your last comment resonated with me in a very important way.

What I have learned is mind boggling to say the least, and it is amazing to find a person who understands what I am saying.

If you can ride this wave of information, then you can use it to change anything you want.

I have done it many times over already.

Ride it, or ask me for the surf board that I have discovered.

Mind is everything, which you already know.

Your post is magnificient potential.

Thank you so much for making me think clearly.

Excellent post.

Krsanna, I am going to say this as fast and as briefly as I can. I always get the feeling now that there are some secret people or beings who monitor the progress or digression of mankind and our so called lives. For the last 10,000 years or so there is every indication to me that our species is not doing so well with all of it. I was hoping that December 21st, 2012 would help, but guess what, the bad guys are still running the show more or less. Now they call themselves Banksters and they know nothing can stop them except one thing. That one thing is us changing our resonance and vibration. Its that simple. However these Kings and Queens of the NWO know that the only thing they need to keep doing is keep us all  entertained and filled with media fear and sports and the rest is easy and simple. Once we understand that all of this cruise and mall shopping takes us away from our natural vibratory purpose. The solution is within the eye of the beholder. I hope it does not take another 10, 000 years for us to get it.

Then again, the citizens of the Roman Empire never understood what was happening and they resonated their way of life in a downward spiral into an endless pit of disgust and destruction.

When it was all over the church transformed all of them into a brand new kind of social donkey.

Maybe humans are not allowed to succeed at peace and quiet.

Either way, here we are stuck in the Gladiators Arena again watching and being entertained just like our dumb ass forefathers.

Reginald I totally agree about frequency
The central one seems compassion as that connects us to higher self
via which all else can be found.

Krsanna's research indicates Annunaki here much longer than 10,000 yrs.
I only remember Atlantis and before that Sirius.
I am trying to work out how I seem to have pre Annunaki links,
which may have more relationship with the timescale you suggest,
than the much vaster one Krsanna found.
My only conclusion so far is it's to do with standing outside time.

The not having scientific training has its downsides
and I must intuit some of my understanding from such rare grasps on things
as such as Krsanna has.
Her link to her book in another of her blogs, which is very rich in info itself,
Also has 2 radio interviews of hers that you may find interesting.

Ahhhh! The Annunaki are a great focus point Lotuslakedawn and I agree with your premise about time of the Annunaki is farther back than what I mentiond about 10,000 years or so.

These beings are registered in many of the Samarian Text writings.

There is no doubt in my mind that they have a whole lot to do with homo sapiens wandering across the great plains of Africa and beyond.

Yep, its all there in the Sumarian Text alright.

Kind of makes the bible look a whole lot Sci Fi for sure.

THe bible only goes back to about 8,000 years or so.

The Sumerian Text goes back way further than that.

I never understood why the writers of the bible thought that they could hide their little time problem about Adam and Eve and the garden of Eden hopping John story.

We sure where dumb for a very long time for sure.

Blessings to you all.

I have past life links to Sumeria some positive, some not.
That is one reason I am querying this.
Also the difference between who I know as Horus and who Crowley conjured up in the pyramid who called himself Horus.
I wrote a lot connected though not finished on that on another thread.
These I read the energy signatures of
anyone can say my name is
Or here is a photo of me.
More difficult to fake the energy signature.
Though natural is important
Would not trust technology like from space craft on this.
Check its frequency for harmony with Source energy is my way to measure.
Another possibility is I had prior those lives a more positive link that I brought through which could explain why I get some positives from otherwise thought of as dark times.
I am presuming Sirius was not under Annunaki influence, at least when I was there getting personal and group pre coming to earth 'task instructions'. I would have thought dealing with the Annunaki problem part of that. Though I have heard not all Annunaki are negative, I have not been shown that.

Great {Post, Hello Reginald

Does the magnetic field  weakening stop the sun from giving us vitamin D?

HUgs Helen 

Hugs back at cha "Helen of Hutton".

I have no idea if the magnetic field weakening stop the sun from giving us vitamin D Helen.


Missed ya Aussie Princess.


Your flattery is like a warm spring rain.  I am enchanted to encounter a mind of your ilk.  Helen's question about vitamin D takes us to the frontier of mind and matter in DNA and the multiverse.  This is far too brief to do justice to the multiverse, but I can do a shout-out to the amoeba who thrive on arsenic at Mono lake.  This "frontier-defining" discovery was made by NASA's Astrobiology Institute a few years ago.

Astriobiology is the scientific child of the co-discoverer of the DNA molecule, Francis Crick.  The consistency of DNA prompted him to suggest that life on Earth originated in the cosmos.  He posed the Theory of Panspermia to explain how cosmic life arrived on the Earth, and NASA initiated a 20-year study of this theory with its Astrobiology Institute in 1998.  Discovering that amoeba thrive on arsenic at Mono Lake is a game-changing breakthrough that, in my opinion, was greatly underappreciated in mainstream thought.  The lowly status of the amoeba may have biased ambitious social climbers in the mainstream food chain.  

The amoebas at Mono Lake showed physiologies (hence DNA expression) adapt to prevalent conditions of an environment or planet.  This is a primary hypothesis of astrobiology and panspermia, its parent theory.  Helen need not worry about vitamin D produced in the skin with exposure to the sun with weakening magnetic fields.  

Cosmic rays with their many quantum interactions are the larger variable to how genes in the human genome will be expressed in future generations.  This, of course, is addressed in the emerging study of epigenetics.  As you may well know Regg, magnetics are not known to produce mutations.  

High radiations from cosmic and gamma rays do cause mutations.  The magnetic field acts as a planetary field for high-frequency galactic radiations, and when the shield (magnetic field) weakens higher levels of galactic cosmic rays enter the atmosphere.  Back in 1992, when I got interested in gamma rays, very little was known about them.  Cosmic rays had been included in the electromagnetic spectrum, because at certain points they may have magnetic moments and gain features of the electromagnetics.  Science now knows that cosmic rays are really high-energy protons, but still do not know a lot about them.  However, cosmic rays affect cloud formation (climate) and lightning (electrical charge) in the presence of weakening magnetic fields and low solar activity.  

I wouldn't dream of comparing Helen (or you) and the need for vitamin D with amoeba who survive on arsenic, but we may draw parallels in terms of evolutionary process.  These conditions may influence epigenetics and how DNA is expressed which, in turn, may affect the need and processing of vitamin D in an evolutionary pinch.  This is just my ever-humble opinion in the absence of more thorough knowledge of cosmic rays, with limited discovery in the last twenty years.

I hope you will enjoy the ring of cosmic comedy that chimes through this immensely serious situation.  The champions of Western science have claimed superior knowledge in the world of matter and believed they had "dialed-in" the theory for cosmic rays.  In the Western model of random consequences of chaos for life genesis, physicists believed that cosmic rays originated in random patterns of super nova.  Therefore, the Voyager probes should have been bombarded with random barrages of cosmic rays when they entered the galaxy in 2012.  But, as fate would have it, this was not the case.  

Cosmic rays flow in an orderly design.  This means they can be predicted if one has sufficient perception and technology to do the predicting.  This new discovery, released in 2013, sent Western science back to the drafting boards for new theories to explain the real facts of life in the galaxy.  

This discovery about cosmic rays, which may be compared to a "Great Light," when the human eye encounters them, nicely corresponds with indigenous and sacred sciences endowed to native cultures.  Ancient Ancestors from the Stars bespoke the tree of life in the galaxy and the Great Light that periodically washed over the Earth.  

After a heated race to possess the Earth with Western modes of control, Western science that Indo-European peoples promulgated with religious dedication may have met its match in an amoeba and a cosmic ray.  In its zeal to conquer indigenous culture, Indo-European speaks waded into the mysteries of the 2012 end of the Mayan Long Count with the obsessive glee their culture and science affords, and conclude in the main that nothing happened in 2012.  But, it was in 2012 that Western scientists came to the startling realization that the galaxy does not work the way they thought it did.  Moreover, it is driven by a design they do not understand but can observe.

The serpent was the earliest symbol for the Milky Way, because of its serpentine appearance from the Earth.  The Long Count that ended in 2012 was the legacy of the Feathered Serpent, or the Milky Way.  Enjoy the cosmic wisdom of the Star Ancestors.


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