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Ever Wondered What A Tree Sounds Like When Played On A Record Player? You Wont Believe Your Ears!

Ever Wondered What A Tree Sounds Like When Played On A Record Playe...


A talented musician, Bartholomaus Traubeck, came up with the ingenious idea to play trees on a record player. How? Well, instead of using a needle in order to to record the sound, he came up with the thought of placing sensors that acquire information about the wood and then transforms it into piano notes. Watch the video below and you will be absolutely amazed by the incredible sound of the trees!

This is unbelievably beautiful! SHARE this amazing experience with your friends and family.

Featured Video Credit: Bartholomäus Traubeck

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Thank you for this post. I shall share it on my Facebook wall. Blessings


,,,, :D

one of the most interesting thing i see in my life :I wonder if you do to same think on human body(skeleton) ,or skull .Every one must have own unic pattern of sound

I guess..namaste


that is pretty darn neat loved it

Who could have believed that this was in a slab of wood?  Beautiful and MANY Thanks for sharing this.

Marvelously incredible! 


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