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Encounters as Wheels of Justice – meaning and execution

Maintenance of law-and-order against perpetrators of planned violence and terror has always been a challenge difficult to meet through conventional justice. Can we draw lessons from the conduct of ‘the great Ones’ in applying obligatory duty and Dharma – abridged form of dynamic religion as ‘a must’ for an individual and the law-keepers!

* In the epic battle of Mahabharata, brave archer Karna was fighting for cunning treacherous Duryodhana. When left without any weapon and shield during his encounter with Arjuna, Karna seeks shelter of Dharma for ‘not to be attacked unarmed’. Krishna, the Charioteer (and Counsel) of Arjuna asks Karna if he upheld Dharma – when Draupadi was being disrobed following a rigged game of dices with Yudhisthra (in the main Hall of the Palace), when Arjuna’s young son, Abhimanyu was encircled in the Chakravyhu (a circled battle formation) and mercilessly slain unarmed collectively shamelessly. As Karna hangs his head in shame, Lord Krishna instructs hesitant Arjuna (being righteous by his disposition) to shoot his arrow and kill Karna.

Earlier in the time of Lord Rama, Rama himself shoots an arrow hiding behind a tree to kill the King Vali during a duel with his expelled brother Sugreeva. When dying Vali accuses Rama of thus transgressing Dharma, the Lord declares to him that he himself indulged in Adharma (against Dharma) by appropriating his brother’s wife.

Import of these incidents is that Dharma protects those who themselves uphold Dharma. But in the big picture of maintaining law-and-order, those who dispense such Justice must follow in the footsteps of the great Ones – to be the flawless agents of Justice. And, more importantly, the wheels of Justice must grind faster to provide justice to the sufferer/s.

* In modern time many a ‘misguided elements’ are believed to become perpetrators of terrorism inflicting mindless killings of the innocents. A Report tells, an experiment to persuade such terrorists to switch side has resulted in turning 90,000 Iraqis getting involved in protecting their hometowns against attacks and violence – the evil doers becoming the agents to contain violence they were part of. This, the military commanders claim turned around a difficult war in Iraq.

This kind of experiment may be seen as a middle path where coworkers in crime could part way, realizing fallacy of their past acts, and become fighters against the same. The system of Justice wins their hearts by helping them back in the social mainstream through amnesty for their past crimes, and jobs for rehabilitation.
This phenomenon is not new having been tried in case of rather conventional criminals like dacoits. However, success of such cases may not always be possible. Application to contain terrorists may be seen as an experiment heavily dependent on the strength of the Arbiter.
Humility has strength WHEN EXHIBITED by one capable of stronger actions than he is doing.

What is your say in the matter?
In these times of violence and fear one cannot escape, and
as we negotiate science-religion-materialism relationship
for meaning in our modern lives;
Individuals' participation to let its Charge charge-up global efforts
may be critical too for resolution

Looking forward,

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This is such an important and profound question....for these and all times. The Mahabharaba certainly contains great wisdom for this journey, but is it an inner or an outer journey? I believe that it defines and depicts the inner battle during which we must individually slay the enemy within - be it personalities, programs, beliefs, ego - identification. These can all feel like intimate family members making up our world. Peace and transformation is an inside job. Once one is firmly standing on the foundation of Love, then he/she becomes a transmitter and transformer for the world. Our words truly do create our world, and they are powerful tools for change, but words of Truth must come from the Divine Wisdom held in the heart - the heart that has been explored and known, washed and purged of the outer paradigm of control and programming. So this is where the maxim "Know Thyself" takes on magnificent
ramifications. The outer battles of killing and spilling blood only feed the darkness. I have to run, but I wanted to share my take on this great question and polemic and dilemma.
How can one know the side of justice when one doesn't know the truth. Until humanity knows truth and there can be only one disception will rule. Historical facts that have been frauded just in my lifetime let alone centuries must be made right. Freedom is at a price we have all heard this saying but the freedoms history speaks of were they not manipulated by mans dirty deeds? Until those governments, men , cabal , illumanti are exposed humanity will not know freedom, this my brothers and sisters we must yearn for .
Simply put, yes there are those that we see as being violent that could be turned around by a chance at rehabilitation because they have been told that they will not have a chance at any thing other than what they are living. If all threats could be quelled because of a group effort, including them, and they have a chance to be safe, strive and accomplish, yes it would work with most people. Most of them are used by bigger 'bullies' anyway and probably are just as scared of them as most people are of their actions. But it is not right to mislead them... with a system handed down by an idealist and handed down to others less virtuous that can juggle the system to their own accord.

A man without anything has nothing to lose.

Our inner peace should contain the peace that we have tried to help who we can... and I do not believe there is any benevolent being anywhere that could argue with that.

Happiness to you,
If that is coming from my karma from some life other than this, sobeit.
These expressions do share concern for coming out of organized violence; but with a bit apprehensive of value of such discussion:
How much ill will could be prevented if we just sat down and discussed what was bothering us?
The maxim like "Know Thyself" or "inner peace" may too not offer real remedy on the ground.

As far as my knowledge goes, Krishna did exist according to available history, notwithstanding weave of the personalities, programs, beliefs, egos, etc. in the Mahabharata! And, the Divine value of Krishna spirit pervades the world to date. So, related narrations dealing with evil in those times, where Spirit Krishna was the mentor, could be relevant for lessons!

There are positive thoughts of action in present emerging here:
- Reality before us is: Violence in the arena or unleashed upon our streets? We look for Peace there!
- How many lives could be spared by taking the time to help those lashing out?
- Could "Front line shock troops for major engagements" help?
- Violent energies contained, harnessed and directed towards a socially beneficent conclusion. …

Should society evolve towards human benefit, then we will reduce the issue of violence dramatically, but until then, the specter of violent crime is by its nature an issue resultant from the many other ingrained problems lingering beneath the surface. They may be brought out from experience in the context, to make conclusions more relevant!

The iceberg is a big one indeed. ... Such discussions, like any other discussion, i believe, do help to generate ‘considered collective opinion’ that can become ‘actionable’!
Thanks for your valuable attention, Friends!
What if things were 'naturally' different so we wouldn't harbor so much anger and hatred, frustration ... FEAR from the dis'order that life on the planet has been. I believe that we are angry for very complex reasons that we are not addressing well. The idea of gladiatorial games, we have that on TV, movies and wars already. What else sadistic we need??? I wish we had them not. I wish we were happier and healthier than the dark Freud said it was our nature. I don't think it is that negative, I just think we are all mislead down a detrimental path that, BTW, makes a lot of $ profit. I dream with peace and love instead.


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