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A few thoughts from the Amazon/KindleE-Book 'The gentle art of trapped souls rescue/relief work' by Yvonne Brittain

Probably taught during childhood that each new-born baby equals one brand new soul whose performance by the end of that physical lifespan will be judged by God, for many newcomers to the path the idea seems odd and rather pointless of a pendulum existence between the Astral Vortex levels and physical life spans. For that reason I’m delighted that Past Lives is a subject believed in by many on this website.

Everyone that contributes input will have their own ideas and beliefs about the purpose of reincarnation and so newcomers will be able to sample those ideas and be drawn to those that give them truth chills. Below are a few pages from a book I wrote while resident in France that I hope would help and encourage newcomers to the spiritual path. The book: THE GENTLE ART OF TRAPPED SOULS RESCUE / RELEASE WORK AND MEDITATIONS AROUND, “PAYES du CATHARE
BY YVONNE BRITTAIN (Psychic Medium and Past-lives Regression Therapist)
Is available in Amazon/Kindle/E-Book format.

Preamble: The path of self-discovery

We all have to live in a world full of contradictions, widespread uncertainty and widely encouraged self-doubt. Everyone around us seems to believe that individually humans are nothing unless banded together as a majority with a leader. Because of that insidious belief each of us is left to feel that we must be wrong if we disregard majority beliefs and choose our own paths to follow. Sooner or later disenchantment with the majority and its leaders, or some event in our personal life, triggers something inside us and firmly sets us upon our individual path.

The path gradually leads us far away from majority thought, and teaches us more and more to value our selves as unique and priceless individuals. When we step onto the path it changes us so that there is no going back to what we were previously. But as we take that first step we have no idea where the path will lead us. First the years and then the decades pass us by, and by then with hard experience we have learnt to separate golden wheat from a great deal of useless chaff. Also by then by our own efforts we have discovered the destination to which the path will lead us.

On the path there is great knowledge and personal experience for the seeker to gain. But also there are many tests to pass, and traps and diversions to avoid. The new seeker knows nothing of what might lie ahead for him or her on the path. For that reason, as once I was in exactly that same position, I have written this little book to share some of my experiences so far since I first stepped onto the path long ago. There are a few golden rules or guidelines that the seeker will find it wise to always follow. Each rule is as important as the next and so there is no significance attached to the order in which I offer them.

The first is complete honesty with self and with others.

The next is complete faith in yourself and in what you believe is your truth.

The next is flexibility of thought that will allow your truth to unfold layer by layer to always reveal deeper truths.

The next is genuine humility that allows you to refrain from being judgmental, and also allows you to regard being of service as a great privilege that you have to earn.

The next is discernment firmly backed by your developed intuition. This replaces the judgmental role with the patience and tolerance that allows you to discern what is not your truth without the need to judge others for who for now it is their truth. The most important rule of all is simplicity because the path will lead you in your own timing through a world of profound knowledge and thought. Because it is profound many seekers become confused and become locked in by their own complicated interpretations of that knowledge. Often they will then teach those interpretations to other seekers. If you examine the inside of a wristwatch you will see a mechanism with many intricate parts. Only when you look more closely do you realise that each of those many parts has a simple function. Keep it simple because one day you will have to teach new seekers who have just stepped onto the path. This is your freely chosen path, and you have now left all majorities and their judgements behind you.


True accounts of our rescue work at the Rennes le Chateau and Aude Valley area of southern France and elsewhere.


Yvonne Brittain.


For the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with the field of trapped soul rescue work, it may be helpful if I first briefly explain how and why a soul may become trapped. Most readers will be familiar with the descriptions of ‘Near-death’ experiences. After observing one’s physical body surrounded by surgeons and nurses; one next is faced with variations of a dark tunnel filled at its far end with light. Obviously for the patient to be able to relate the experience afterwards, the doctors must have successfully drawn the patient back into physical existence. But let us suppose that the doctors have failed. The patient is now an ex-patient minus his or her physical body, and is now alone and faced with a mysterious tunnel lighted at its far end.

The tunnel may be the very opposite to what this soul had previously been conditioned from birth to expect. The soul is faced with a simple freewill choice that only he or she can make. The choice is to move along the tunnel and into the light, or move away from the tunnel and the light. To the soul the tunnel and the light represent the unknown. With what attitude the soul has faced the unknown during physical existence will greatly influence the choice the soul will make now. But why should this be so?

Each soul enters his or her next physical life totally devoid of memories of past physical and astral existences. At the end of that physical life span the soul only has that last life span of experience to use as guidance. The Soul often is unaware that he or she previously left the light and moved down the tunnel to re-enter physical existence. The light represents this soul’s total achieved power level of the astral vortex.

The tunnel simply reduces the energy power level of the soul to that of physical existence. At the end of that physical life span the same tunnel increases the power level to that of the achieved astral energy power level of the same soul. On that achieved power level all past-lives memories return to the soul, but only if the soul chooses to move towards and into the light. The soul has arrived at the Interlife Zone between astral and physical existence. If life has filled the soul with self-confidence and optimism he or she will move into the light.

Equally, if people and events have previously crushed all self-confidence and optimism, the soul will probably not dare to feel welcomed into the light. From this description the reader will realise that after physical death every soul is just an ordinary person without a body, faced with an extraordinary situation that alone he or she must deal with.
Trapped souls are trapped by their own fears, instilled uncertainties and doubts of self. Also souls may become trapped by their obsession with physical life.
The tunnel is there and the light is there but the soul may refuse to see them. Other souls on the astral may choose to re-enter the Interlife Zone from their different achieved astral power levels to meet and re-assure this soul.

If the soul accepts their re-assurances and accompanies them into the light, then all is well. But if the soul refuses to believe or trust these souls, no one may force the soul to enter the tunnel. Instead the soul remains in a timeless limbo of uncertainty in the Interlife Zone.

There the soul would remain totally immersed in an insulated world of self-created fantasy. Fantasies are thought structures created by each of us when our individual reality becomes too painful or too fearful to bear. We all at times fantasise during our physical lives. When faced with the Interlife Zone, in our ignorance of its real nature, we may well seek refuge in somewhere that for us represents safety.

During our physical life the house, that was our home, may also have been our refuge from a harsh, uncaring world. What could be more natural for a fear-filled disembodied soul in the Interlife Zone, than to re-create as a thought structure that refuge to return to? The original house may still physically exist on which to superimpose the thought structure. Or maybe the house was demolished centuries ago.

Maybe now other buildings on the original site have replaced the house. To the soul the self-created refuge and its surroundings will be located exactly where it was and as it was, in physical life. Thus the soul’s thought structure refuge may overlap to just be impinged upon and within only part of a modern building. The bewildered, unfortunate soul remains indefinitely, trapped by the inertia of self-doubt, within this refuge. This poor soul simply doesn’t know what to do or where to go, and so she or he remains in the refuge. The residents of the more recent building may then find that certain rooms have a heavy depressing atmosphere. The greater sensitivity, of children, and of experienced psychics may allow them to sense or even to see the trapped soul, and also even the refuge created by the soul.

To be able to release the trapped soul requires me to mentally enter that self-created-from-thought, refuge. To then re-assure and persuade this very real and frightened person to accompany and allow me to lead him or her into the light. For the trapped soul, my psychic presence represents a helpful and sympathetic newcomer that has entered the refuge. From the aspect of different power-levels of spiritual energy my role is this. I have to use my developed energy level to uplift and boost the energy level of the trapped soul. I have to boost it just enough for that soul to see and to accept what I can see. From this description readers will realise that the rescue release of trapped souls has everything to do with showing respect and compassion. It should never be regarded as getting rid of resident psychic nuisances for clients.

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