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Where one has to Ascend? This is a subject of our conciouness.Usually there are four levels of our conciousness in a Normal Human Sanskrit Language we say 'Jagrat' , 'Swapna', 'Sushupti',and 'Turiya'But When we try to Ascend with our cultivation of Mind and Heart our frequency of vibrations of our Conciouness raises and God Reveals all the secrets as our conciousness gets ready to Receive.We will have Intuitive Mind and Our Heart will Experience Unconditionl love and Compassion. One starts to have all the Divine Vibrations and then There will not have any Separation from Angels or archangels and Understands that He or she has to Help God in His Divine Plan,fully Understands the Purpose of Birth.We all are here to work in Unison To Bring Heaven On Earth, The Golden Age is to come with the Evolution.
Dr. Sohiniben Shukla.

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Yes, Yes, Yes! Thank you! Thank you! Thank YOU! donna


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