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This is the NASA classification for a star system, located in a galaxy behind the Pleiades. Those of us first incarnated here i.e. our soul origin have had far reaching consequences upon the development of the human being. These beings are the master geneticists of all life and have the power to reintroduce any species that has been made extinct. The home world is covered by a mile thick ice layer in which the DNA of all life is stored and is maintained at -200C. The race is of a semi-physical form and are about 2 and a half feet tall with rusty red and blue skin. They have worked with this planet for 20 million years, assisting all forms of life and helping in the design of the human blueprint. They were present in Lemuria and after the disaster of Atlantis and are currently working with the Earth for our Ascension. By Ascension, I mean the integration or our Higher Self to within the body, the activation of 12 strand DNA and the awakening of the dormant parts of our brain.
According to Chris Thomas , who reads the Akashic records, there are 98,000 humans of NGC584 origin on the planet today and I am proud to say that I am one of these.
I have searched the internet for more information about NGC584, but all I get is star charts.
Does any of this ring any bells with OV members. If so I would love to hear from you.
Love and light from Christopher U.K.

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I haven't met anyone else with my soul origin and if Chris Thomas is to be believed, then there are only 98,000 of us on the planet right now, so when I do meet one it will not be by chance, I'm sure.

For me this soul manifests itself in a deep love of nature, of plants, animals all the way down to insects and microscopic life. I find it all fascinating and beautiful and it never ceases to amaze me how wondefully adapted they all are. I have much more of an affinity with nature than people and I long for the day when we respect nature and work with it rather then destroy it like our past and present history shows. I think that sol origin makes me feel more for the planet than it's human inhabitants !

I have been reading a piece on a scientist called Bose.  He is a Bengali scientist from Kolkata who was around at the end of the 19th century.  He did tests on plants similar to that of Backster registering reactions to stimuli such as burning, tearing of leaves as well as observing a memory when the perpetrator walked into the room.  He also did the same with metals and found that they showed similar fatigue as we suffer in our own muscles and also the same type of recovery when allowed to rest.

Nature never ceases to amaze me and it seems 'inanimate' objects also teem with life.  Its as if there is life in everything all around us and that is wonderful - more than wonderful!  So when human beings are not respecting nature, they are defying themselves as everything reacts and pulses with them.  To chop a tree and carve its wood lovingly imbues that piece of wood with love and that is reflected back in appreciation when we sit on it, I imagine.

I wanted to share that as I have just realised that everything, absolutely everything around me has life and that blew my mind away!

Chris, did you see where the Lady of the Lake states that she is NGC584:


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