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This is the NASA classification for a star system, located in a galaxy behind the Pleiades. Those of us first incarnated here i.e. our soul origin have had far reaching consequences upon the development of the human being. These beings are the master geneticists of all life and have the power to reintroduce any species that has been made extinct. The home world is covered by a mile thick ice layer in which the DNA of all life is stored and is maintained at -200C. The race is of a semi-physical form and are about 2 and a half feet tall with rusty red and blue skin. They have worked with this planet for 20 million years, assisting all forms of life and helping in the design of the human blueprint. They were present in Lemuria and after the disaster of Atlantis and are currently working with the Earth for our Ascension. By Ascension, I mean the integration or our Higher Self to within the body, the activation of 12 strand DNA and the awakening of the dormant parts of our brain.
According to Chris Thomas , who reads the Akashic records, there are 98,000 humans of NGC584 origin on the planet today and I am proud to say that I am one of these.
I have searched the internet for more information about NGC584, but all I get is star charts.
Does any of this ring any bells with OV members. If so I would love to hear from you.
Love and light from Christopher U.K.

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I know that I'm one of the 98000, because I met Chris Thomas and he asked the Akashic about me and told me about my soul origin and my soul integration progress. NGC584 are just one of the alien races involved in the Earth and it's Ascension. They store the DNA and only introduce species in environments where appropriate, and not only on this planet. They work only for the good of life in our Universe. In Drunvalo Melchezedek's new book Serpent of Light, he claims that in August 2009 the whole world will know about aliens and it will be common knowledge.
I was taught as a child That I only reside on the Earth, That my home is among the stars. Yes I too feel that I am one of the 98 000 star children spoken of in Native American Myth of the Toltec and Navajo Traditions. Be Blessed and thanks for the info. Be Blessed Grey Owl
I met Chris Thomas, whom I gave permission to read my Akashic records, and he told me many things including my soul origin on NGC584. This is a soul origin, not a thing that can be tested for in DNA, because all my DNA would show was that I am human, and not where my soul originated from. When your higher self integrates with you 100%, then you will know your soul origin, and why you incarnated for this lifetime.

I Know little ,very little about and I am here To Learn More about our Origin.
I only know what i know because of some extaordinary people I have been fortunate to meet. Chris Thomas who read my Akashic record said that in the run up to 2012, all those staying on the planet will have their higher self totally integrate within the physical body and with that, activation of 12 strand DNA and full brain capabilities. This will mean that we would know all of our incarnations, on Earth and other planets and know our soul origin, and why we are here. Can't wait!!!
Christopher U.K.

No one really know who is of the 98,000. Not really. we only hope we are one of them. Many people want to be not all will be. those who are not, don't fret, or get scared. Many civlizations from the stars are here. If we are not one of the 98,000, we are one of the other many cultures that are her wating to remove their people when the time comes. We who are part of this network and links know we have a part to play in things to come, that is why we are here. To get incourgement, love, support, and friendship from one another. Our energy makes the world safe. We have work to do. Smile, be happy, for we perpare the world for the new earth to come. One that is part of the Galatic conferdation. One that will be part of the new Uneiverse.
Lovely pictures--thank you.
In Chris Thomas's book, he says that in the Akashic, all humans are souls from different origins, and NGC584 is but one. There are souls from the non-physical races/ Sirians/Greys/Blues, and only a few have their soul origin on Earth. The vast majority of people on Earth are from the non-physical races (99%) and the semi-physical races like NGC584 are a tiny proportion. You see that humans are not from Earth, but a variety of other life forms having a human experience on Earth. In the end we are all spiritual beings from 13 soul origins, who decided to experience a physical life, and Earth was the chosen planet. Hopefully all will become clear before 2012 when the whole of the soul will integrate into the physical body and we will be able to access all the information for ourselves i.e.who and what are we/past lives/reasons for this lifetime and life purpose. Can't wait !!!
Love and light from Christopher U.K.
P.S. If you are interested to learn more then Chris Thomas's books are published by Capall Bann in the U.K. and are called...The Journey Home....The Fool's First Steps...Planet Earth,The Universe's Experiment...The Human Soul....and The Universal Soul.....they are all available on
Hi Christopher
I am new here today and I have been reading Chris Thomas's books also. Very eye opening stuff, I was wondering how to get hold of him, I bought his latest book 'Project Human Extinction - The Ultimate Conspiracy' from his publisher Capall Bann and they gave me his email address but not where he has his practice. I would like him to read my Akashic records.
Lorraine. x

I posted this in July 2008 and it hasn't been the most popular one !

Maybe your soul origin answer will come from an unexpected source.

Either way with 27 days to go,we willknow our origins, either here on Earth as an evolved being or back on our planet of origin.

I too am surprised this post was not popular.  I would love to know my soul origin.  There are probably less of whatever race I originated from as I find human behaviour rather harsh and not very logical at times, even from so-called 'spiritual people.'

And to think this post has been around since July 2008 !

When we have our leap in consciousness/ascension/soul integration then we will all know for sure what our soul origin is. I was lucky to meet Chris Thomas who told me where I came from !

Yes, you were very lucky.  How does having a soul of NGC 584 express itself in you?  Have you met any others like you?



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